Comedy, in the contemporary meaning of the term, is any work generally intended to be humorous or to amuse by inducing laughter (Wikipedia).

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A Buckeye Girl Reads Biography, Comedy, Crime, Chick lit, Fantasy, General, Historical, Memoir, Mystery, Mythological, Romance, Thrillers, YA Children’s, Inspirational, Poetry, Food/travel guides, Self-help Print only
A Drop of Ink Reviews Most fiction, including fantasy and YA Erotica, LGBT Mobi, PDF
Book’d Out Chick lit, Comedy, General, Mystery, Thriller, Urban fantasy Erotica, Inspirational, Non-fiction Kindle, ePub, PDF, Print
BookGeeks Biography, Chick lit, Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, General, Historical, Memoir, Mystery, Mythological, Romance, Thriller, YA Children’s, Food/travel guides, Inspirational, Poetry, Self-help Print only
Contemporary, Fantasy, Historical, Paranormal, Science fiction, Speculative, YA Erotica, Inspirational, Non-fiction Kindle, Print, Smashwords
Forbidden Reviews Adult fiction Children, Middle Grade, Teen, YA Ebooks, Print
Juniper Grove Action, Comedy, Erotica, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Thriller, YA Animal erotica, Inspirational Kindle, PDF, Print, Smashwords
Literary R&R All Depends on reviewer Print preferred
Nicki J Markus All Chick lit, crime ePub, PDF, Print
Say What? Savannah Mae Fiction, Non-fiction Epic fantasy, Inspirational, Romance, Sword & sorcery Print only (USA based)
The Lit Room Most genres of novels, plays, Short stories, documentaries Cross-genre, Erotica, Horror, Science fiction Ebook, Print
The Next Best Book Club Literary Historical, Mystery, Non-fiction, Thriller, Romance, YA Kindle, PDF, Print
Underground Book Reviews All Unspecified Audiobook, Ebook, Print
Will Marck Dystopian, Futuristic, Horror, Humor, Science fiction, Technothriller All other genres Kindle