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paulahardman [at] live [dot] com
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Paranormal Romance
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Editorial Comments:
Paula says: ” I am always glad to receive ARCs and books – preferably hard copies, although ebooks are equally welcomed – from publishers, authors and publicists. I also try to give Independent authors an equal space. I will give an indication of when I hope to review the book, but I do prioritize release dates if the book is yet to be released.”

5 thoughts on “PaulaSHx

  1. Shelley Workinger

    Paula is a solid reviewer that you can count on not only for a professional and fair review, but who is willing to go the extra mile for an indie author by hosting guest spots and giveaways. She is prompt, courteous, and truly delightful to work with. :)

  2. jcmurtagh

    Paula is a very honest and professional reviewer and best of all, she works with Indies too! She mentions not only what she enjoyed about the books she reads, but what could have been improved, which any author needs to grow and succeed! She never left me feeling on the back burner. I would not hesitate to contact her again for another book review. Thanks again Paula.

  3. Rachel Howzell

    I was very fortunate to have Paula agree to read No One Knows You’re Here – from the Tweets about where she was in the novel to the professional, well-written and thoughtful review. She was enthusiastic and always kept in touch about the status of the review. I look forward to sharing my next story with her and her readers.

  4. Jan Welborn-Nichols

    Paula is a thoughtful and thorough reviewer. She has a gift for communicating the essence of a book without engaging in spoiler alerts that might diminish the experience for readers. I love her passion for books and generous support of writers, particularly indie authors. If this were an Amazon review, I would give Paula five stars!

  5. Johnny Ray

    Paula was fair and balanced in her review and expressed a full understanding of the book, which meant that she read it carefully. I look forward to her reviewing the next book for me. .


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